Budan French Press -600 ML


Plunge Your Coffee to Perfection
With a dual filtration system and promise of durability, Budan French Press is the perfect coffee maker for you. The classic design also takes your brewing counter to the next level.

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Budan French Press -600 ML


  • Dual Mesh Filter: It has two filtration systems that ensure no grind escapes into the brew.
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass: The body is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that does not break easily.
  • Water Level Indicator: The carafe is marked with indicators for measuring the water level.
  • Rigid Frame: The brewer has a strong and beautiful plastic frame to protect the carafe.
  • Handle for Pouring: The plastic frame is attached with a handle to make serving coffee easier.
  • Classic Design: The simple design gives the brewer an elegant look.

What’s In the Box:

Budan French Press (600 ml), Scoop, Budan Budan French Press Coffee maker Stainless Steel | Best French Press Coffee Maker

How To Use

  • Add ground coffee to the carafe (40 grams for 2 cups, coarsely ground)
  • Pour hot water (∼92°C, twice the amount of ground coffee) into the carafe
  • Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds and pour the remaining water (400 ml)
  • Stir and place the plunger on the French Press
  • After a total of 4 minutes, press down plunger down on the coffee
  • Pour your coffee into a pre-heated cup if you like it hot
  • You can enjoy it black or add milk of your preference

Specification Details

Material Body : BPA Free, Borosil Glass.
Capacity : 600ml