Budan Milk Frother


Enjoy creamy, frothy milk in seconds
Designed to deliver creamy froth, Budan Milk Frother is an excellent choice if you like to make cafe-style beverages at home. The frother is powerful, easy to use and super fast.


Budan Milk Frother


  • 15 to 20 Seconds Frothing: The brewer whips up creamy froth within only 20 seconds
  • Hand-Held Device: Can froth creamy milk by operating the frother with one hand
  • Battery-Operated: No need for cords or sockets as the device runs on an AA battery
  • Versatile Usage: Can froth milk for hot chocolate, latte, cappuccino, matcha lattes and more
  • Excellent Design: The design is ergonomic to make it easy to use and elegant to add beauty to your brew corner

What’s In the Box:

One Budan Milk Frother, Budan Budan Milk frother for home use

How To Use

  • Insert batteries and close the compartment securely
  • Add milk into a cup (make sure not to overfill it)
  • Place the whisk head just below the milk’s surface and tilt it slightly
  • Turn on the frother by sliding down the button
  • Move the whish head gently in a circular motion or up and down to create froth
  • Lift the frother out of the milk when you see small bubbles form on the surface and the milk turns creamy
    After each use, make sure to clean the frother properly

Specification Details

Frothing: 15 to 20 Seconds