Budan Mokapot SS 2 Cup


Quick & Compact Brewer for Espresso-like Coffee
Budan Moka Pot (2 cups) is a compact coffee maker . The brewer makes rich, espresso-like coffee on induction as well as a gas stove top.

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Budan Mokapot SS 2 Cup


  • Stainless Steel Structure: The brewer is made of premium-quality stainless steel.
  • Silicone Gasket: It comes with a thick, silicone rubber ring for improved sealing during brewing.
  • Stainless Steel Filter: The filter is made of fine stainless-steel mesh to ensure your brew is free of any gritty substances.
  • Rubber Handle: The rubber handle ensures you do not burn your hand while brewing or serving.
  • Safety Outlet Valve: The valve prevents excessive pressure build up during brewing.
  • Easy to Maintain: The Moka Pot is easy to dismantle, clean and maintain.

What’s In the Box:

Budan Moka Pot 2 Cup Budan Budan Moka Pot Stainless Steel Coffee Maker – 2 Cup ( 100ml ) | Best Moka Pot

How To Use

  • Add 200ml of water in the lower chamber of your Moka Pot for one cup of coffee.
  • Add 20g finely ground coffee to the filter basket and level it.
  • Place the filter basket on top of the coffee chamber and seal them properly.
  • When the coffee is brewed, you will hear a gurgling sound.
  • Remove it from the stove, and serve your coffee in your mug.
  • You can add hot water to the thick coffee or top it with milk.

Specification Details

Capacity : 100ml
Material : Stainless steel