Budan One Touch


Equipped with 2 types of adapters, the Budan One Touch Espresso Machine allows you to make coffee using pod coffee and freshly ground coffee.
One-Touch Operation: Can make your favourite type of coffee by simply clicking on the button



Budan One Touch


  • Variety of Beverages: Make cappuccino, latte, espresso and hot milk for a full cafe experience
  • In-Built Water Tank: The removable water tank allows you to store water for brewing necessities
  • Integrated Milk Container: Making milk-based beverages is made easy with a removable, clear milk container
  • Removable Drip Tray & Cover: The machine promises convenience with a removable drip tray and cover

What’s In the Box:

Capsule adaptor Fresh Coffee Adaptor Water tank Milk Container

How To Use

  • Fill water in the integrated water tank (do not exceed max level)
  • Choose the adaptor (coffee pod adapter/fresh coffee)
  • Add a coffee pod in the pod adaptor or fresh coffee in the coffee
  • Fill the milk container
  • The machine will be ready to brew in 2 minutes
  • Place your cup, collect your coffee and enjoy!

Specification Details

Can Use POD + Fresh Coffee
Water Tank capacity : 500ml
Colour : Grey
Milk Container : Yes