Shambhavi / शाम्भवी


A pleasant stir of chrysanthemum with a round and smooth honey finish, grown in the evergreen Balanoor plantations, coffee that feels like a divine presence.


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Certified Specialty Arabica Coffee

Roast: Medium.

Flavor Notes: Grapefruit Citrus, Hints of Floral like Chrysanthemum, Roasted Cacao, Roasted Almonds, Round and Smooth Honey Finish.

Plantation: Balanoor, Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

Varietal: BBTC.

Process: Washed with Fermentation.

Elevation: 4500 Feet.

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Aeropress, Cold Brew, Espresso, French press, Moka Pot, Pour-Over, Turkish, Whole Beans, Channi


250 gms, 500 gms, 1000 gms