Varia Digital LED Scale with Timer


Achieve Precision Brewing with Varia Scale
Whether you have an espresso machine or you swear by manual brewing, Varia Scale makes the best accessory to invest in if you are looking to upgrade your brew corner. With this scale, you can measure coffee, water volume and follow fixed coffee recipes.


Varia Digital LED Scale with Timer


  • HD LED Display: Allows you to easily take a look at the coffee and water measurements
  • In-Built Timer: Can use the in-built timer to precisely measure the coffee brew time
  • Suitable for Manual Brewers: The large surface area allows you to place your carafe for manual coffee brewing
  • Suitable for Espresso Machines: In addition to being helpful in manual brewing, the scale fits on the trays of most espresso machine
  • Battery Operated: No need to worry about charging the scale or finding cords since it runs on an AAA battery

What’s In the Box:

Varia Scale

How To Use

  • Place the Varia Scale on a flat, stable surface
  • Turn on the scale and wait for the display to show ’00’
  • Set your brewing vessel on the scale and press the ‘Tare’ button to zero out the weight
  • Add your coffee the vessel, and the scale will display the weight accurately
  • Follow your preferred brewing recipe, using the scale to measure each ingredient with precision
  • Enjoy a perfectly brewed cup