Wacaco Picopresso


Compact Brewer that Can Follow You Everywhere
Picopresso is an ultra-compact and feature-packed espresso maker from the reputed Wacaco brand. With a naked portafilter and pro-level features, it is one of the best portable espresso makers out there.


Wacaco Picopresso


  • Built for Adventure: Made of robust high-quality materials to ensure strength and portability
  • 9 to 12 Bars Extraction: The brewer can reach anywhere between 9 to 12 bars of pressure during extraction
  • Naked Portafilter: Similar to a naked portafilter in the machine, you can see the brew extraction out of the device
  • 52 MM Basket: Complete with a 52mm basket for brewing double shots of espresso
  • No Power Required: Can manually brew coffee with no battery or power connection at any place, any time

What’s In the Box:

Picopresso, Double filter basket, Tamper, Scoop, Brush, Distribution tool, Funnel, Protective Case, Multi-Language Instruction Book, Warranty Card, One Wacaco Sticker

How To Use

  • Place the funnel on top of the basket and add the ground coffee into the double basket
  • Use the distribution tool to stir the grind to avoid channelling
  • Tamp with the funnel in place until the tamper touches the funnel
  • Remove the funnel
  • Unlock the piston from its travel position
  • Add boiling water to the water tank
  • Pump one cycle into your cup to preheat the brewer and the cup
  • Place the basket and shower head in its place

Specification Details

BPA-Free PLastic
Materials : PBT,PP,stainless steel,Silicone