Nanopresso / Grey


Rich, flavourful espresso at any place you like
Nanopresso is a compact and portable espresso maker designed for coffee lovers who are always on the go. It offers a convenient way to enjoy high-quality espresso anywhere, anytime. Portable and Lightweight: The light-weight brewer (336 g) can fit in a carry-on bag or a backpack making it the perfect travel companion


Nanopresso / Grey


  • Hand-Operated: You can manually operate it to brew shots of espresso even in places without any power supply
  • 18 Bars of Pressure: Equipped with a piston mechanism, the brewer can achieve up to 18 bars of pressure for the perfect extraction
  • Easy to Use: With only a few simple steps and a quick pumping action, you can brew machine-like espresso

What’s In the Box:

Nanopresso, Built-in espresso cup, Filter basket, Scoop, Brush, Multi-languages instruction book, Warranty card,
Two stickers

How To Use

  • Add finely ground coffee to the filter basket
  • Attach the filter basket to the Nanopresso
  • Fill the water tank with hot water
  • Screw the water tank tightly
  • Unlock the piston and pump it repeatedly with your hands to build pressure
  • Press the button to release the extracted espresso into your cup
  • Collect the cup and enjoy your brew

Specification Details

BPA-Free : PLastic
Materials : PBT,PP,stainless steel,Silicone