About Us

Our History

Kali is built on efficiency and expertise gained through years of intensive, on the job training in the hospitality industry. Our founder Ashwini Sawant started working in the industry as a humble Cabin Crew with Paramount Airways. She has worked her way up to food and beverage departments and business development portfolios with leading names in the industry like Hyatt Regency, Westin, and J.W. Marriott. That is where our emphasis on quality, hygiene, punctuality, and efficiency comes from. After working in the industry for more than nine years, she spent a couple of years traveling in the Himalayas, rediscovering her love for coffee in a spiritual sense, associating it with a sense of “Maya”. Kali was born with this passion for coffee, with an intricate understanding of the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry.

Our vision

We want to impact the coffee industry with our focus on three aspects:


Many of our farmers have been tilling their lands ever since the British started growing more and more coffee on Indian land for profit. It is not just plantations, but a legacy of growing coffee that we are working with. We associate with the farmers to follow good farming practices based on transparency, sustainability, and fair trade. We want coffee to make everyone happy- the farmers, the soil, and the customer.


We believe in pursuing quality via certified education. Research, testing, innovation, and advanced techniques are the backbone of all our products and services. We want to combine expertise and passion to pour out the perfect blend of coffee for you. We make it a point to pass on our knowledge and skills to our associates, farmers, and guests. We encourage learning in diverse areas ranging from farming practices like the use of manure and pesticides to roasting, brewing, and barista skills. We train men and women, youngsters, and senior citizens, anyone who stands to benefit from a working knowledge of coffee and coffee products.


Our community comprises of people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. From generations of coffee farmers to people starting a career in the coffee industry, from people who stop by at our café to those who regularly order online, we are all united by our love for coffee. Be it contests, start-ups, or budding cafés, we serve as an open platform for creative expression.

Our Equipment

At Kali, we understand that it is not always possible to go to coffee shops and enjoy the perfect caffeine dose. That’s why; we also sell home-brewing coffee gadgets. It not only saves cost but also makes a home barista out of you. We have selected handpicked single-origin beans to give you coffee that suits your palate and pockets!

Check out our brewing equipment here.

We are Certified by SCA.

This Site is devoted to coffee culture and coffee lovers. The intention here is to spread the coffee love, facts, quizzes, and other fun visuals about coffee. The vision is to make Kali the ultimate coffee experience for coffee lovers, freaks, and experts around the world.