This estate was originally started in the late 18th century by the British and then later acquired by the PKC family in 1975. This is a 3rd generation family-run estate located in the scenic Shervaroy hills of Tamilnadu. The named Yercaud was derived from the lake at the location, in Tamil, Yeri means lake and Kaadu means forest.

Yercaud was First discovered by the British collector at Salem during 1820-1829. Later he initiated the development of Yercaud and introduced the cultivation of arabica coffee procured from Africa along with fruit trees. It is an area covering 383 sqm with an elevation of 5325 feet.

The coffee-growing area lies between 4000- 4600 feet above sea level. This plush land receives upwards of 65 inches of rain throughout the year, which ensures the soil is constantly fed with the right balance of micro & macronutrients essential to produce excellent coffee & oranges.

Most of the coffees grown here are Arabica with varieties like Sln 9, Cauvery, S. 795, HRC, 5b, Chandragiri. This beautiful plantation has also been intercropped with Pepper, oranges, Jackfruit, Avocado, Mango, Bananas.

Kudraipanjan estate is surrounded by an abundance variety of different trees & plants lie Silver oak, Dadup, Dalia, forest trees etc. To provide the shade for wonderful arabica coffee plants, which helps produce complex & flavourful coffees.

Thus, shade makes a friendly home to wildlife. Such as a variety of bird species & Bisons. Since the shade-grown coffees are well known to the serveries.

Processing method

PKC has separately trained hand pickers to collect the fruit from the plant & sort it out according to its ripeness. There is a separate pulping station in which the coffee cherries are pulped and taken to the fermentation tanks, where the fermentation process is done as per type and variety.

After washing the coffee, it is taken to the drying yard. There are special build raised beds for drying in order to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee. Processed coffees are dried in the natural sunlight, which gives buttery & sweet tropical notes lingering on the palate.

Types of coffee

WASHED COFFEE: Washed coffees can have Pure intrinsic Flavours from the bean. Those intrinsic flavours depending upon the variety.

NATURALS: Diverse, Bold, Fruity flavours Inherited from coffee cherry pulp & skin, generally produces a heavier bodied cup.

HONEY: Approachable Sweetness, Jammy, sugar notes. Creamier than washed, texture-close to honey, not acidic as washed or naturals.

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