Anitya / अनित्य


The age-old Natural process tweaked with Anaerobic fermentation helped to enrich the flavors, feel fleeting glimpses of berries, and roasted almonds, everything about this coffee is pleasing but momentary.

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Certified Specialty Arabica Coffee

Roast: Medium.

Flavor Notes: Citrusy lemon, Dry Berry Mix, Roasted Almond, Caramel finish.

Plantation: Kudiraipanjan Estate, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Varietal: SLN 9, Cauvery, Chandragiri.

Process: Anaerobic Fermented Naturals.

Elevation: 5300 Feet.

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Aeropress, Cold Brew, Espresso, French press, Moka Pot, Pour-Over, Turkish, Whole Beans, Channi


250 gms