The Beginning

My craving for coffee started almost eighteen years ago while I was in college. A brand new Café Coffee Day had just opened, where we would bunk lectures and spend time sipping cappuccinos. Later when I started working at Hyatt Regency Mumbai and was introduced to world-famous Illy coffee. I fell in love with the mechanism of a semi-automatic machine and started learning to make my own cappuccino. I attended the coffee history and barista basics in JW Marriott by Illy Professionals. By then coffee had become my passion and decided to learn more.

After completing Kapishashtra from the Coffee Board of India, I realized my journey has just begun. Later I worked with coffee brand chains to understand the Indian coffee market and learn. Now I have successfully completed the SCA Barista and Brewing Certifications.

Maya in a Cup.

As brought up listening to Panchatantra stories I was fascinated about Indian Mythology. It just happened that while trying to discover myself, I reached the Himalayan Mountains. I got introduced the Avatars of the Goddess in the mountains and fell in love with the Shakti.

Kali is a very fierce form of Shakti. Kali is not just an idol or something you believe in. She can become a living reality for you. The Divine Mother, presiding over both the Birth and the Death.

That’s how Kali.Coffee was born. A cup of the intense black coffee which wakes you up from all illusions and makes you face reality. Caffeine shoots up and you get superpowers. Then everything is manifestation. Everything is divine.

This Site is devoted to coffee culture and coffee lovers. The intention here is to spread the coffee love, facts, quizzes, and other fun visuals about coffee. The vision is to make Kali the ultimate coffee experience for coffee lovers, freaks, and experts around the world.

At Kali, we understand that it’s not always possible to go to coffee shops and enjoy the perfect caffeine dose. So we are selling the home brewing coffee gadgets. This will not only save the cost but will make a home barista out of you. Coffee which suits your palate and your pockets. For which we have selected hand-picked single-origin coffee beans.

After all coffee enthusiasts says – The coffee you like is the Best coffee.

Pic Courtesy: Artist Shibanka


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