Coffee Brewing Methods – An Introduction 02

French Press

French press, or press pot, is a very simple coffee brewing device with a beaker and a plunger/filter. The preparation technique consists of pouring hot water over coffee grinds and let it steep for a few minutes. After the steeping is over the plunger/ filter is pressed down, to separate the grinds. French press coffee has a medium body, less than espresso but denser than drip. The aroma and flavor of a press pot coffee are intense, and the method is gaining more and more popularity. Check our guide to brew with a French press for a detailed tutorial. You can also check our product comparison stainless steel press pot comparison here. This brewing method is re-gaining the once lost popularity because it’s inexpensive and simple.

Moka Pot

Moka pot is a device for making coffee that uses steam pressure to push water through coffee grinds similar to espresso method, but with much lower pressure. The pressure in a Moka pot is about 1 bar compared to a real espresso machine with 9 bar. The coffee made in a Moka pot, as you would expect, is very bold, it resembles espresso. Stovetop espresso lacks the crema, and it has much less aromatic oils. It is a decent espresso alternative. You can take a look at our Moka pot brewing tutorial if you need some guidance. It’s a great resource.

Cold Brew

Cold-brew is the favorite way of preparing coffee for people with stomach problems. If regular, hot, coffee brews upset your stomach, cold brew is your choice. The brewing method implies steeping coffee grinds for extended periods of time, (12 to 24 hours), then straining it, and serving it cold or hot. Because it takes so long to brew, people prepare large batches and store it in the fridge for several days. Check this page for a few cold brew coffee makers.

Single Serve Brewing

There is no consensus on whether single-serve coffee machines are a distinctive brewing method or not. However, if you think about Keurig brewers, they use pressure to push water through the coffee grounds, but the pressure is not as high as with espresso machines. The coffee is ground coarser than for Moka pot, and it is less compact, hence a faster brewing time. In the end, a Keurig machine brews coffee in a unique way, like no other coffee maker. Single-serve provides you a clean cup, with decent aroma and flavor, and minimum effort. It is one of the most convenient devices, reducing the operator’s manual intervention to zero.


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